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They Are Deplorable

Hillary Clinton was right. Donald Trump supporters are deplorable. As Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jamelle Bouie, and Judd Legum have shown two-thirds of Trump supporters believe President Obama isn’t an American (following the lead of the Birther in Chief, Donald Trump). Sixty percent … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Better Candidate

Senator Bernie Sanders has no discernible path to a delegate majority, yet he continues to argue he ought to be the nominee. One of his arguments is more than a little ironic: that the super delegates he’s said should honor … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton: ‘Extremists Want To Control Women’

As she so often does, Clinton exposes the extremists’ agenda in a succinct and powerful way. Damn, even as hawkish as she is, I would love to see her become the President of the United States.

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