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Road Trip

A few weekends ago Mr. Desert and I headed north for the day hoping to find some fall colors. The Princess Pooch went along for the day, and she had a wonderful time smelling all the wonderful new scents, walking … Continue reading

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Photography Class

It was a gorgeous morning as I made my way through the Desert Botanical Gardens for the first of several photography classes I’ve signed up this and next month. This first one is a 2 day class, and today focused … Continue reading

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Give Me Some Water (with apologies to Eddie Money)

I recently finished reading Paolo Bacigalupi’s new book, a novel about a bone-dry dystopia that might fall into the genre of climate sci-fi, or cli-fi, as it’s now called; however, while climate change is at the center of the novel, … Continue reading

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Arizona Raises the Bar on Legislative Lunacy

Given that the Grand Canyon state has long embraced the lunatic fringe, its reputation as a place where the crazier you are the more likely you are to be elected to office is well earned. Those of us who try … Continue reading

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Somebody Call Dorothy

As I noted in yesterday’s post about the weather in California, there were tornado warnings for part of northern California. Here is a photo from the Woodland Daily Democrat of one of those tornadoes (none touched down as far as … Continue reading

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Gov. Brewer says she’s “pro-business” and “focused on Arizona’s economy” but waits to veto or sign the hate law otherwise known as SB 1062 so she can bask in all the attention she’s getting. Meanwhile, major corporations, the NFL Superbowl … Continue reading

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It’s Dry Hate

Friday, I wrote the following on Facebook with a link to the text of the Arizona bill known as SB 1062: I was outraged the moment I heard about this bill. I wrote to the bill’s sponsors and excoriated them … Continue reading

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