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Canine Royalty

Behold, The Princess Pooch on her throne with her orb and her scepter

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Protest Pup

The Princess Pooch couldn’t make it to the Women’s March, but she wanted to show her support for those who did.  

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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”

I was happy to hear Michelle Trudeau’s “When The Brain Scrambles Names, It’s Because You Love Them”on NPR. Her interview with Samantha Deffler, a cognitive scientist at Rollins College, helped alleviate some of my growing anxiety about my ability to … Continue reading

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Road Trip

A few weekends ago Mr. Desert and I headed north for the day hoping to find some fall colors. The Princess Pooch went along for the day, and she had a wonderful time smelling all the wonderful new scents, walking … Continue reading

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Picture (almost) Perfect

I’ve been reading about aperture and depth of field and achieving the bokeh effect, so yesterday I decided to work with those settings. The Princess Pooch is the perfect subject; she will stay for as long as I ask her … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Go

The Princess Pooch love chasing the ball in our pool. We taught her to use the pool steps when she was a pup so if she ever fell in she could get out. Now she gets in via the steps, … Continue reading

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Tried working a bit in black and white a few days ago. Here’s what I think is my best shot. The Princess Pooch is a great subject. I can tell her to sit and stay or lay down and stay, … Continue reading

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