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R.I.P. Earth

Everyday I read about the increasing effects of global warming; now these readings are followed by news of SCROTUS’s decision to roll back yet another important measure enacted to address the causes of climate change, and I am at a … Continue reading

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Oroville Dam Crisis

I’ve written about the tremendous rain and subsequent flooding in northern California, and specifically about the damage to the spillway at the Oroville Dam, the erosion caused by the first-ever use of the emergency spillway, and the evacuation orders for … Continue reading

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When It Rains . . .

Note: this is a long overdue post about the Oroville Dam crisis. Since I didn’t have time to write about events as they unfolded, this is a long post and one written in small chunks as I found time to … Continue reading

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Winding Up and Going No Where

Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl is a bleak and depressing story set in a future run by calorie monopolies, where genetically modified products and manufactured foodborn plagues have wiped out the food chains, wars are waged for precious seeds, and … Continue reading

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Unfortunately, We’re Cooking Now

I tire of writing about climate change because so few Republicans seems to be listening and so attempts to stop the destruction of our planet ignored or blocked in Congress. Sure, folks in other parts of the world are doing … Continue reading

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Climate Change Changes Everything

I read with some interest last year when the blogging platform Medium announced that it was relaunching Matter, the long-form journalism publication it had acquired the previous year. Matter was founded by Jim Giles (formerly of Nature, The Atlantic, The … Continue reading

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Give Me Some Water (with apologies to Eddie Money)

I recently finished reading Paolo Bacigalupi’s new book, a novel about a bone-dry dystopia that might fall into the genre of climate sci-fi, or cli-fi, as it’s now called; however, while climate change is at the center of the novel, … Continue reading

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