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Protest Pup

The Princess Pooch couldn’t make it to the Women’s March, but she wanted to show her support for those who did.  

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Educational Inequality

I’m teaching Basic Writing this semester for the first time since 1998, and as part of my work, I am sitting in on a practicum focused both on teaching this course this semester and on BW scholarship. I’m finding this … Continue reading

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Give Me Some Water (with apologies to Eddie Money)

I recently finished reading Paolo Bacigalupi’s new book, a novel about a bone-dry dystopia that might fall into the genre of climate sci-fi, or cli-fi, as it’s now called; however, while climate change is at the center of the novel, … Continue reading

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Arizona Raises the Bar on Legislative Lunacy

Given that the Grand Canyon state has long embraced the lunatic fringe, its reputation as a place where the crazier you are the more likely you are to be elected to office is well earned. Those of us who try … Continue reading

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Why Republicans Hate Public Education

Mr. Desert used to try to temper my claim that the GOP led attacks on public education were designed to further the divide between the rich and everyone else, that Republicans elected to office were deliberately defunding public education in … Continue reading

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Total Turn Off

No wonder even this political junkie is purging her in box and screaming at the political ads when watching live TV. By some estimates, $4 billion will have been spent on the mid-term elections by Nov 4th. Thanks SCOTUS. Citizen’s … Continue reading

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