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First Line Chemo Treatment: A Retrospective

Although I haven’t written here about my chemo treatment, I kept a journal throughout the process and now that I am moving to yet another line of treatment, I thought I’d transfer what I’d written here in case it might … Continue reading

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A New Twist in My Life with Cancer

As many of you know, just a few weeks ago–June 19, 2018 to be exact–I was reveling in having wrapped up my last chemo treatment. Six cycles of¬†atezolizumab¬†+ paclitaxel + carboplatin + bevacizumab or a placebo + paclitaxel + carboplatin … Continue reading

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Clinical Trials Save Lives

On average, 50% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will live for at least five years and about one in three will live at least 10 years, according to the NHS. Those are not great odds, so new treatments and … Continue reading

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Four Life Altering Words

I’ve been sitting on some not great news for over a month now and not knowing what to do with it. I’ve told family and close friends, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted or even how to tell my … Continue reading

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The Princess Pooch’s Cancer Treatment

Although I had planned to document the Princess Pooch’s cancer treatment, a number of things conspired over the summer to make that difficult to do. Now that I have some time I want to share her and our experience. As … Continue reading

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FHO Recovery, Osteosarcoma and the Path Forward

I haven’t written since sharing the results of the Princess Pooch’s bone biopsy. I was in a kind of fog for awhile, and then I began doing what academics do: reading everything I could find on osteosarcoma in dogs. In … Continue reading

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The Worst Possible News

Yesterday we received the worst possible news, something we knew was a possibility but were hoping wouldn’t be the case: the Princess Pooch has osteosarcoma, an extremely aggressive cancer that generally spreads rapidly to other parts of the dog’s body; … Continue reading

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