The Princess Pooch’s Cancer Treatment

Although I had planned to document the Princess Pooch’s cancer treatment, a number of things conspired over the summer to make that difficult to do. Now that I have some time I want to share her and our experience.

As I last wrote in  July, we had a consultation appointment with Dr. Hershey at Integrative Veterinary Oncology and upon her recommendation, began treatment on July 21, 2017. The treatment plan was as follows: treatments of Carboplatin every 3 weeks for a total of 6 treatment and blood work and chest x-rays at specific times during this treatment to monitor her white cell count and to look for metastasis in the lungs. These are ways of assessing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Although the Princess Pooch experienced some nausea a few days after her first treatment, she had no such reaction during her subsequent treatments. In fact, if not for the bandage over the IV site, no one would suspect she’d had any treatment at all. Now, 5 months since her initial diagnosis and just a little over a month out from her last chemo treatment, the Princess Pooch is tumor free and living the life of a happy senior pup. She’s as active, playful, and loving as ever. We couldn’t be happier!

She had her first post-chemo exam on December 5th, and since all was well, her next examine will be in early February. Although the cancer will eventually return, our goal is to keep her as healthy and happy as possible for her remaining days.


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  1. Doc says:

    Love this photo of Bonnie.

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