FHO Recover, Day 5

The Princess Pooch continues to heal. She’s been up and around quite a bit today and is steadier on her feet with each passing day. Today she’s been putting her foot down while standing and sometimes while walking, but she’s yet to put any weight on it.

She’s back to indicating she needs to go outside when what she wants is a treat and not to pee. She’s never learned to scratch at the door or bark; instead, she peers around the recliner and stares, then gets excited when we ask if she “want to go potty.” I’m so happy p_pooch_sunto see her on her feet that I don’t care if she’s trying to trick me for a treat.  She’s also decided to catch some rays when she’s outside sometimes now. We don’t let her do so for long so she won’t burn, but I imagine the sun feels good.

I continue to move her hips in a “bicycle” motion in reps of 10 several times a day. This doesn’t seem to cause her any pain, but she stares at me with a look that says “what the hell are you doing?” Speaking of pain, we gave her the last of the pain pills last night, and she hasn’t shown any signs of pain.

She still shows little interest in her incision, and when she does on occasion, we just tell her to “leave it,” and she does. She hates the e-collar, but we continue to put it on her over night. She looks so sad when I put it on her; it breaks my heart.


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