FHO Recovery, Day 4

Not much in the way of new developments today, but the Princess Pooch continues to get back into her routine. We moved from cold to warm compresses, and she doesn’t seem to enjoy those as much. And she looks longingly at the sofa and recliners where she likes to sleep but are now covered with chairs so she can’t get on them. She seems to have decided her original bed is the choice spot for now, but she does use the new bed on occasion.

We continue to try to stimulate her appetite: tonight’s dinner was rotisserie chicken with a bit of gravy mixed in with her regular food. She found a way to eat around most of her regular food, but we’re just happy she’s eating.

Here’s a photo of her on her favorite sofa from March 2017.

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One Response to FHO Recovery, Day 4

  1. Doc says:

    Lurve this photo. Bonnie looks regal here. The other photos also help me to see her progress day to day. Very comforting!

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