FHO Recovery, Day 3

The Princess Pooch is even stronger today and is getting back to her routine. The pest guy was here today, and she was as wound up as she has been every time he’s been here. She didn’t jump on the sofa and spin and bark at him–we’ve blocked the sofa with a chair so she can’t get on it–but she did everything else in their usual routine.

She continues to put her left foot down in a normal position when standing, but she has yet to put any weight on it. We were told she probably wouldn’t for at least a week, so we’re not concerned. She is putting it in the more usual position when she squats to pee, and she even managed a bit of a poop today–not much since she hasn’t been eating much.

Speaking of eating, tonight we got her a carne asada burro of her own, and she chowed down with tail wagging enthusiasm. It was good to see her eat and enjoy a meal. She loves carne asada burros, and I usually share mine with her. I think she knew getting one of her own was a big treat.

We’ve moved her pain medicine schedule from every 6, to every 8 and now to every 12 hours, and she seems to be doing well. She’s now resting on either hip as her mood dictates, so that his is clearly no longer bothering her.

So far I’ve just been walking her around inside the house because it is brutally hot outside; it’s supposed to cool down to just above 100° by Sunday, so I hope we can begin walking outside then.

new_ecollarFinally, her inflatable e-collar arrived today, and she seems to hate it less than the big plastic one. She hasn’t tried to lick or go after her incision at all today, but we’ll put it on overnight just to be sure she can’t get at it if it starts to itch.

I am very pleased with her progress. Even though she’s an active 12-yr old, I was concerned this surgery might take a lot out of her; I am happy to see it hasn’t.

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