Pete’s New Life

As I noted in my previous post, we adopted a 7 yr old male gray tabby to help with overcrowding at the Maricopa Country Animal Care and Control. His previous owners had named him Peanut, but we’re calling him Pete; he seems fine with that.

I was concerned about adding an adult cat to the boys club, but things have gone pretty well. At first, everyone was puffed up and vocalizing fear, anger, surprise, and the boys club provided a few bars of a rather inharmonious “get out of my house,” but by the evening it seemed everyone had found a space where he could contemplate this change in circumstance. There were a few dust-ups during the night, but nothing serious.

Yesterday Pete was moving non-stop. He needed to smell and rub against everything he could reach. Monty and Scooter Pie had decided to ignore him, but Rocky spent a good bit of time stalking him from behind. Every so often, Pete would stop and turn to look at Rocky; Rocky would give Pete a long stare, then move onto something else. Late in the afternoon they engaged in some serious growling and posturing. I think Pete had picked detantup on the fact that Scooter Pie was top cat and not to mess with him, but perhaps thought he could battle Rocky for next in line to the throne. The battle raged through the night, but today we seemed to have arrived at a détente as this picture shows. We’re far from sharing this space in peace, but we’re making progress. I love that Rocky is turning his back on us so we know he’s still not happy with the situation!

Monty is curled up in his favorite hiding spot and working through his feelings. He’s not at all aggressive toward Pete or the other cats, but it’s clear he’s still adjusting.

And then there is Scooter Pie. I suppose once you’re King it’s important not to sweat the piesmall stuff. He’d rather stretch out and place his belly against the shower than to worry about Pete. But when you’re as handsome is he his, it’s easy just to chill.

As for Pete, he’s a lot calmer today and has decided he really likes the cat tree. He spent a lot of time scratching the various posts yesterday, and today he’s chosen one of the houses as his own. He and Rocky may have a few more battles before fully settling in, but I’m confident Pete will soon become a full member of the boys club. I mean, who could resist this face?



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One Response to Pete’s New Life

  1. Doc says:

    Pete really does have a handsome face. I’m happy that everyone is settling in, as well as might be expected at least.

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