Meet Pete

News of overcrowding at The Maricopa County Animal Care and Control center has been maricopa_county_animal_careon TV, Radio, and Social Media for days now, and last we decided to adopt an older male cat to help open a spot for another cat and in the hope that no animal would be euthanized because there was no room at the inn. They were waiving all adoption fees in the hope that people would adopt and they could alleviate the overcrowding.

Today the center on Rio Salado Rd was packed with people adopting dogs and cats. Took me several times around the parking area to find a spot, and there was a line of cars heading in from the road. I got there at about 2:00 went in search of an adult male cat. I met several friendly cats, but I was drawn to a gray tabby who was a head bunter. I found a volunteer, filled out the form and was sent back to where I’d entered the building where I was to draw a number to do the paperwork.

So at about 2:35 I pulled #9; they were calling number 56!! I began talking with the people–standing room only–and learned some had been there since the place opened at 11:00. I knew then that I would be there for awhile. Awhile indeed: I left with my prize at 4:30. It was over a 2 hour wait to just get to the window to do the paperwork!

Having stuck up a conversation with others waiting, we decided to form a cheering section, and cheered mightly as every dog was walked out to his/her new family. It was fun, and it helped pass the time. Soon we were all friends sharing stories of our pets and pets we’d lost and what and why we were adopting. We also started telling people who came in to grab a number before heading back to look at the adoptees because we could see it was going to save them a bit of time.

The number of young woman I’d been talking with for almost 2 hours was called, and she ran up to the counter; she had number 79. She came back and whispered to me “take this number. It will jump you up by about 15.” She handed me the number, smiled, and went off to get her new dog. The number she’d given me was 94. Woo Hoo. So I then asked the woman next to me what her number was; it was 17, so I gave her my #9, and soon people were trading numbers helping others move up in the line. In the meantime, peteI caught the attention of a volunteer and asked if the vaccination and tests I wanted for our new cat might be expedited so I didn’t have to wait for those after having to wait so long already. He went back to check and returned to tell me they would do the tests and vaccines in a few minutes. Score! When they finally called #94, I headed up to the counter, filled out paperwork and paid for a microchip–all other fees were waived because they were hoping to find homes to alleviate the overcrowding.

While I was filling out paperwork, I learned the cat we were adopting was named “Peanut,” and had been turned in by a family who was moving. WTF?? They had this cat for 7 years and then just dumped him at an overcrowded shelter because they were moving! Assholes!! But since he was 7, he likely knew his name, and I wasn’t thrilled about “Peanut.” So while I waited for him to be brought to me, I texted a friend and thought about names that were like “peanut” but cooler. I landed on “Pete.”

Pete wasn’t thrilled about the car ride and burst from his box as soon as I pulled into the garage. So my plan to have him hang out in my office to get acclimated wasn’t going to work. Instead, I decided we’d just dive in since he’d been cleared of any transmittable diseases. I carried him into our bedroom and put him on the bed. He jumped down, there was a momentary stare-off with Rocky and Monty, then he went off exploring his new space. Rocky and Monty stalked him from behind, but he just ignored them. He went to meet Scooter Pie, who just hissed at him, so he turned and jumped onto the cat tree. He’s settling in just fine.

Pictures to follow. His coat is much lighter then in this, his shelter mug shot. He’s a beautiful gray with white around his chest and paws.



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One Response to Meet Pete

  1. Doc says:

    Congratulations! He is gorgeous. And it sounds as though he will fit right in. Awaiting more photos.

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