While I was restoring my home office after the washing machine flood of 2016, I found a stash of beads and spacers I’d forgotten I had. I think I got into making bracelets and a few necklaces while I was recovering from spine surgery as something to do that required some thinking I could manage on pain meds. I don’t know if I grew bored with the process or stashed them away planning to come back to them when I had time, but whatever the case they’d been gathering dust for many years when I unearthed them in the office clean-up.

A friend’s sister is also into beading, so we went to a few bead stores during Spring Break. I bought more beads and spacers, and decided to make some new bracelets. This time I went with stretch bracelets rather than trying to add clasps which I recall as a pain in the ass.

I was on a bit of a roll once I got started. Here’s what I made:

I started with these. Blue is my favorite color, and I liked the brown beads too. I them tried some of the small beads I’d had forever.

sm_beadsThen I made a few for a friend who also likes blue. I cindyfind stringing the beads relaxing. But alas, Spring Break is over, and I must return to the grind.

Perhaps I find some time before the semester ends to get back to beading. I hope so.



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2 Responses to Bracelets

  1. Doc says:

    THese are stunning. I especially like the brown one(s).

  2. Katherine H says:

    Thanks! I enjoyed choosing beads and spacer and figuring out how to arrange them.

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