Madman at the Wheel

I knew when Trump was elected that we were headed into a mess. Throughout his career and certainly throughout his campaign, he showed he was wholly unfit for the office of President of the United States. He’s a thin-skinned narcissist who acts before he thinks, who knows nothing about governing,who bullied his through the rest of the GOP presidential candidates then conned enough Americans into thinking he someone who could better their lives.

I was also pretty sure the degree of his narcissism indicated he was mentally unstable.

What I didn’t understand was how quickly his weaknesses would be exposed to the world. From his tantrum about the clear evidence turnout for his inauguration was much smaller than the turnout for both of President Obama’s, to his demands that his press secretary berate the press for accurately reporting that the crowd gathered for his inauguration was small and that Hillary Clinton earned 3.8 million more votes than Trump did, the first day of his presidency made clear that lies and chaos would mark each thereafter.

I won’t recount all the lies and chaos here except to note that  his National Security Advisor was forced to resign less  than a month in the job. But I must say that Trump’s latest meltdown is a serious ratcheting up of the crazy, and if there is some  sort of strategy guiding this particular craziness, I can’t quite figure it out.

So here’s my thinking:

–this is yet another attempt to divert public attention from the ever-increasing evidence of his campaign’s if not his administration’s connections to Russia. The shoe that dropped last week–that Jeff Sessions lied to Congress during his confirmation hearing–added more intrigue to the multiple investigations of Trump associates already found to have been in contact with Russian agents during the election, and surely pissed Trump off. So maybe he’s planning to claim that the entire Russian story is a plot concocted by the Obama administration, the intelligence agencies and the mainstream press to bring him down? But if this is all a smoke and mirrors attempt to divert attention from the investigation of ties to Russia and/or to undermine the credibility of the investigation, the intelligence agencies and the press, it’s a huge risk and one just as likely to gin up these investigations and further anger those working in the intelligence agencies he wants to discredit.


Mother Jones, November/December 2016 Issue

–perhaps this is proof that Trump is even crazier than we thought—that he’s not only a full-blown narcissist, but he’s also delusional, extremely paranoid and thinks the Obama administration, the intelligence agencies and the courts are out to get him–that they conspired to “tap [his wires] to find evidence of his and his team’s connections to and work with Russian operatives. And he believes this to be the case because he read it in a Breitbart News report that repeated an assertion made  by right-wing talk-radio host Mark Levin. Did I note Trump is delusional?

–the other possibility is that Trump’s phones or calls or whatever were really tapped, intercepted, or monitored. Now, if this is the case, it has nothing to do with the Obama administration; no president can order a wiretap. So if federal agents actually obtained a warrant to wiretap Trump, it means the Justice Department had to convince a federal judge that it had gathered sufficient evidence to show Trump had committed a serious crime or was an agent of a foreign power. What this means, then, is it’s highly likely Trump committed a very serious crime, prehaps even treason. Why he’d want to call attention to this alludes me unless he’s just too stupid to connect A (he was wiretapped) to B (that means there is proof he’s committed a serious crime).

So what we’re left with is this: we have in office a president who is dangerously paranoid and making judgments based on right-wing crackpots, or we have in office a president who has, in all likelihood, committed treason, or we have in office a president who is willing to try to erode public trust in basic institutions to cover his own ass.

I’m not sure which of these possibilities is the worst, but it’s clear the country is being led by someone wholly unfit to lead.

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