Cheeto in Chief Haz a Sad

The Cheeto in Chief is not a happy man. He’s pissed that his inauguration, the inauguration of the greatest, most amazing, terrific, huge, smart, and rich man didn’t draw many people.


In case the comparison isn’t enough, let’s look at the parade route:


Unless the Cheeto’s supporters are invisible, those seats are almost empty.

Then today, the crowds for the Women’s March in Washington and sister marches throughout the US and the world were historic. Organizers expected about 200,000 people in D.C. and over 500,000 showed. In Los Angeles, some 80,000 people were expected, and over 750,000 showed. 100,000 showed up in Boston. 250,000 showed up in New York City. It was like this all over the country — around 600 cities in all held Women’s Marches — and all around the world. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say it was the biggest show of nationwide solidarity in our nation’s history.


Women’s March on Washington


Women’s March, NYC

And the Cheeto was not pleased. In fact, he was so pissed off that he actually gave a speech in front of a memorial wall for the more than 100 CIA officers who have fallen in the line of duty — a place where politicians are expected to be apolitical — and complained that the media misrepresented the size of his crowd. Hmm, perhaps should again look at the photographs.

But apparently the Cheeto’s ego is so bruised that he had to send his new press secretary,  Sean Spicer to deny reality, attack the press for not denying reality, and make clear that reality has no place in his administration.

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