Flood Update

Things have been moving along fairly well in response to the washing machine flood of 2016. First thing Monday am Mr. Desert called our insurance company and within an hour a guy was here to figure out what needed to be done. Within an hour various rooms and our hallway were filled with huge fans and some sort of moisture sucker.

Later that day a man showed up to remove my books and bookcases in my office. When he looked at the wall of books, he turned to me and asked “All these”? When I nodded my head he said “I gotta call another guy.” By the time that other guy arrived, the first guy was halfway through the bookcases. They were efficient and careful which I very much appreciated. Thankfully there was no damage to the books or to the bookcases. I would rather the entire house have to be rebuilt than to lose one of my books!

Installing washing machineThe next day the drying company returned and ripped out baseboards in my office, the laundry room, the guest bathroom, the kitchen and the front room. In most rooms they ripped out all the baseboards even where the water hadn’t reached. They then bought in more dryers; the roar was much like the Saturday stock car races I went to as a kid. That same day the insurance adjuster arrived and did his thing. Before he left he cut us a check for repairs.

That day the washing machine repairman showed up as well. He found a tube coming off the washer tub was plugged. He asked if we washed with hot water, and we said not often. He said that’s why the thing was plugged. We need to run a “hot, hot water load with bleach once a month” to avoid a repeat disaster. I’m hesitant to trust the machine, but I’d rather not have to fork out the cash to buy a new one at the moment.

Within 48 hours the drying company returned, declared everything but the guest bathroom was dry, and removed all but two dryers. It was if my hearing were instantly restored. What a relief! The next day even those two dryers were gone, and everything had pretty much been cleaned up.

Today a guy from the restoration company the drying company recommended was here. He did an inspection, asked me some questions, and promised his estimate and recommendation would be in my email by Monday.

This is the first home disaster and restoration I’ve ever had to deal with, so I can’t say with certainty but I think the speed with which things are unfolding is pretty remarkable. When the repairs will begin and how long they will take remains an unknown, but to be at this stage only 5 days after the flood seems to bode well for the rest of the process. What the holidays will do to this schedule remains to be seen. If all this can be wrapped up by 12/23, I will happily write excellent reviews for all involved.


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2 Responses to Flood Update

  1. Doc says:

    I’m happy things are going so smoothly. Let’s hope you’ve used up your portion of bad cess for the coming year.

  2. Katherine H says:

    We are getting our second restoration estimate tomorrow–or at least they’re coming tomorrow; may take a few days for them to get the paperwork done. I’m now thinking we’ll be lucky if we have the work done before the new year.

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