I suppose no blog is complete without a few household disasters. We’ve been pretty lucky in that arena, well, we were lucky until yesterday.

Not yet sure what caused the washing machine to share a completely full cycle of water with us, or how long the water was flowing before we figured it out but in addition to the laundry room, the water seeped through the wall into my office and the guest bathroom, and from the guest bathroom into the kitchen and a closet in the front room.

Our entire compliment of towels lawashingmachineflood-300x200ter, we’d sopped up the water. We have two floor fans and our neighbors loaned us two, and they have been running since last night in an attempt to dry out the dry wall.

Mr. Desert is on the phone right now with a washing machine repair company, and we’re waiting for our homeowner’s insurance office to open. We’re hoping our fan brigade will have been enough. The last thing we need is a deductible and repairs to walls and floors.

The good news, I suppose, it that I had finished my marathon end of the semester grading and posted all final grades the night before. And, the 49ers had chocked before the flood. So I had time but not the inclination to deal with the disaster.

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