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Leia Organa: A Critical Obituary

Leia Organa, the politician and revolutionary who led the defeat of the Galactic Empire, died after a short illness. She was 60 years old. Hers was a life laced with controversy concerning everythi… Source: Leia Organa: A Critical Obituary

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Academic Anxiety Dream

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a pre-semester anxiety dream. I hope last night’s return of the genre doesn’t suggest anything about the upcoming semester. In my dream, I was looking for my class on campus, trying to find the … Continue reading

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Photography Resolutions

Just read an interesting piece by Mark Morris at Improve Photography that suggests a few things to do over the next year to improve one’s photography. Suggestions include: Creating a “My Top 10 Images” of the year Morris attributes this … Continue reading

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Flood 2016: Progress

Today I signed the restoration contract, and they will begin work during the second week of January. Progress, but not as much as I would have liked. The new semester begins the second week of January, and we’re scheduled to … Continue reading

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More Lightroom

I’ve completed two more online Lightroom courses from Craftsy and both have been very good. “Lightroom Essentials: The Development Module” with Juan Pons  was excellent. He’s a very good teacher. The pacing was good, and he showed how to do … Continue reading

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Learning Lightroom

I’ve been reading several books on using Adobe Lightroom and playing around with it a bit over the last few months. During the Thanksgiving break, Craftsy had a 50% off sale on some of their online courses, so I bought … Continue reading

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Flood Update

Things have been moving along fairly well in response to the washing machine flood of 2016. First thing Monday am Mr. Desert called our insurance company and within an hour a guy was here to figure out what needed to … Continue reading

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I suppose no blog is complete without a few household disasters. We’ve been pretty lucky in that arena, well, we were lucky until yesterday. Not yet sure what caused the washing machine to share a completely full cycle of water … Continue reading

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Took a break during the week-long grading marathon to take a few photo. Monty and Rocky decided to pose for me. Scooter Pie didn’t want to be disturbed.

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X-Mas Cheer

Haven’t written much here recently. Been busy and prone to rants, but I thought I’d share a few recent photos. Traffic was bad, so I didn’t get set up as soon as I’d hoped for the supermoon and it was … Continue reading

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