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Scorpion–and not the band!

I have been a desert dweller since 1998 without a scorpion sting. . . until Saturday night. At least that’s what we assumed caused the excruciating pain in my big toe as I crawled into bed. We couldn’t find anything … Continue reading

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Credit: David Sipress, The New Yorker

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One Big Con

Of the many lies Trump uttered during his campaign, the most bigly one is this: as president I’ll bring back lost manufacturing jobs from China and Mexico, and I will make sure no US company moves its operations to another … Continue reading

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The Unimaginable

I wanted to believe America was a country where decency and civility still mattered, a place where someone so crude, spiteful and intemperate could never be elected. I wanted to believe the American people would reject a candidate who mocked … Continue reading

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What Keeps Me Up at Night

This election season has been the most disheartening, the most disgusting, and the most disturbing of any I can remember in my lifetime. As a result, I don’t think I will ever be able to look at many of my … Continue reading

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