They Are Deplorable

Hillary Clinton was right. Donald Trump supporters are deplorable. As Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jamelle Bouie, and Judd Legum have shown two-thirds of Trump supporters believe President Obama isn’t an American (following the lead of the Birther in Chief, Donald Trump). Sixty percent have “unfavorable views” of Islam, while more than 40 percent believe blacks are “more violent” and “more criminal” than whites. And if all that isn’t deplorable enough,  twenty percent of Trump supporters think Lincoln was wrong to sign the Emancipation Proclamation!

heiltrumpIt’s becoming difficult to see the difference between the party of Trump and the White Nationalist party, and if the few remaining decent folk in the GOP establishment and the mainstream media don’t call out this ugly truth, they will be responsible not only for the rise of Trump but also the triumph of Trumpism.

If Clinton got anything wrong, it was scale.  Rather than baskets, she should have said “freight containers.”

If Americans are no longer disgusted by racists, sexists, homophobics, xenophobics, and Islamaphobics and don’t see them as  deserving strong condemnation, Trump has already won.

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2 Responses to They Are Deplorable

  1. Doc says:

    I suppose you heard David Frum whining about the narrowing of free speech this morning on AMJoy. He claimed that Condoleeza Rice was not welcome to speak on college campuses–without offering any examples in support. But more important, his analogy missed the point of the discussion at hand–if Rice is unwelcome on some campuses, that has to do with her actions rather than with who she is–a woman, black, straight or gay, and so on. IOW, Frum was talking about a different sort of narrowing of the realm of free speech than were the other panelists. And hence committing the very sort of silencing the panelists were opposing. Rice could drop into, say, ASU, take up a spot near the fountain, and say anything she wanted without being afraid of anything more dangerous than snarky feedback. Needles to say, this freedom to speak one’s mind is not necessarily dangerous, as it well might be for a gay or trans person, or a feminist, or a black lives matter activist. Which was the panel’s point before Frum derailed the discussion.

  2. Katherine H says:

    Saw this. Wish they hadn’t had Frum on so we could have heard more from the others on the panel.

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