She Shoots . . . More Pics

I’ll likely be uploading a few pics here over the next month as I learn to use my camera. I’m not doing so for accolades, although feel free to provide them; rather I want to keep track of my shots to see if and/or how I’m improving.

So, here’s a shot of the Princess Pooch.

And here are a couple shots from the backyard. I clearly need a different lens for the hummingbirds; they don’t hang around when I get near their feeder.

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2 Responses to She Shoots . . . More Pics

  1. Doc says:

    Zard! A biggish lizard haunts my back porch. Early this year he lost part of his tail, and now it’s almost all grown back. I look forward to his early morning visits–it’s like having a pet that I don’t have to feed!
    Mine is green while yours is brown. Or is it a chameleon?

  2. Katherine H says:

    He’s brown and one of many who frequent our backyard.

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