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I’m Desert’s Camera

After a month or more of reading, thinking, and discussion, I bought a DSLR camera. It came down to a Nikon D5500 or a Canon Rebel T61, and I bought the Canon. It basically came down to feel. The Nikon … Continue reading

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Cactus Down

  Our 16-year-old saguaro seemed to collapse this past Sunday. It had developed a kind of gouge several months ago and while we were concerned about it, we didn’t think it was serious. Well it was. AnĀ arborist came out on … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Better Candidate

Senator Bernie Sanders has no discernible path to a delegate majority, yet he continues to argue he ought to be the nominee. One of his arguments is more than a little ironic: that the super delegates he’s said should honor … Continue reading

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