Reality vs Delusion

Yesterday’s so-called congressional hearing showed just how far from reality the GOP have gone. Poll after poll shows Planned Parenthood has tremendous public support–61% of respondents in a NBC?Wall Street Journal poll oppose eliminating Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. That’s 6 in 10 Americans. Even with all the focus on the bogus videos purporting to show PP employees talking about the use of fetal tissues and organs from terminated pregnancies,¬† attitudes about Planned Parenthood are remain virtually unchanged.

166719_600Given that reality, the behavior of the GOP reps while grilling, interrupting, chastising, ignoring, and launching fabrications at Cecil Richard, PP President can be seen as evidence that they are delusional and/or they loathe women. .

I won’t go into the odious things they said or they false information they offered; clips and audio snippets are all over the web for those who didn’t watch. Anyone who has paid attention to the Rethug attacks on women and our right to choose how to live our lives over the last several decades has seen and heard this all before.

One difference we say during yesterday’s display of hatred toward women was Democrats identifying what the Rethugs were doing. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) took Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) to task: “The entire time I’ve been in Congress, I’ve never seen a witness beaten up and questioned about their salary,” she continued. “Ms. Richards heads a distinguished organization providing health care services to millions of Americans. I find it totally inappropriate and discriminatory.” Other Democrats spoke out as well. Perhaps Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) said it best–that “disrespect” Chaffetz showed to Richards and to his female congressional colleagues is reflective of a much broader problem Republicans have with women. He said,

My colleagues like to say there’s no war on women. Look at how you’ve been treated as a witness. Intimidation. Talking Over. Interrupting. Cutting off sentences. Criticizing you because of your salary. How dare you! Who do you think you are, making a professional salary as the head of a premier national organization and daring to actually make decisions as the head of that organization?”

“Lord Almighty,” he added. “What’s America coming to?”

My thoughts exactly!

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One Response to Reality vs Delusion

  1. Doc says:

    To quote you: “Hear, hear!”

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