The GOP Isn’t Too Pleased with Their Trump Card

Party-of-hateAs much as I loathe Donald Trump and everything he says and stands for, I admit it is a delicious irony to hear GOP leadership try to distance themselves and the party from him. It has been their willingness to go for the lowest common denominator; to gin up hate and fear and stupidity to win at all costs that has created a candidate like Trump and those who support him. The GOP is overwhelmingly a party of white people, and it’s unlikely they’ll bring in anyone not already on their team.

Relying on white voters along isn’t a sustainable plan for the future, and likely not for 2016 either. The demographics of the U.S. population has shifted away from a white majority, and it will continue to shift even more rapidly.

But the GOP has to stick with the hateful, fearful, and less intelligent white people they now rely on to win elections, and those folks love the shit the Donald is spewing; they aren’t going to put up with anything that doesn’t degrade and scapegoat and alienate black and brown people. As Barbaro and co write in the NYTimes:

Republican Party leaders agonize over the prospect that Donald Trump will mount a third-party candidacy that could undermine their nominee. They fear insulting the white working-class voters who admire him. They are loath to tangle with a threat-flinging firebrand for whom there are no rules of engagement.

Since the start of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign, a vexing question has hovered over his candidacy: Why have so many party leaders — privately appalled by Mr. Trump’s remarks about immigrants from Mexico — not renounced him?

Well, as anyone who’s paying attention can see, they’re trapped. While businesses partners rush to cut their ties with the Donald, leaders of the GOP can’t decide what to do.

The GOP is stuck walking an oh-so delicate line between giving their base the vile and hateful messages they want and keep the few votes they can count on now and losing votes in this election by moving toward a more perfect union that might help them garner non-white votes in future elections. The media loves a drama, the GOP is certainly giving them one this primary season: As the GOP Turns–on today’s episode “Trump threatens to leave Election City to strike out on his own; can Reince keep him from leaving?” I don’t know about you, but I’ll certainly tune in or binge watch on Netflix.

But delicate isn’t a word I’d use to describe Trump or any of the GOP presidential hopefuls. The Donald’s ego is so big that he thrives on all the attention he’s receiving, so much so that he’ll say just about anything that comes to mind. And that’s bad news for the GOP because it’s not only the faithful who are hearing him. He draws crowds and says such outrageous things that he gets all the available media attention and so reaches anyone who turns on the TV, logs onto the internet, tunes into the airwaves, or reads a paper. Heard much about the other candidates this week? I haven’t, and I’m a news junkie!

So as much as I can’t stand to hear what the Donald has to say, I hope he continues to say it as loud and as nasty as he can. He’s a gift to the Democrats and to the future of this country; we won’t be seeing a Republican in the White House for many wonderful years to come.

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One Response to The GOP Isn’t Too Pleased with Their Trump Card

  1. Doc says:

    As the GOP turns. . . love it! I hope the media don’t do their usual stupid thing and begin to equate Trump with Bernie Sanders. There is ONE similarity–both are challenging the frontrunner of their respective parties. This slender thread is enough for some so-called journalists to hang an analogy from . . .

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