Mass Murder in Charleston

In a state that flies the confederate flag, a young white man adorned with white supremacist symbols walked into an historic AME church and murdered 9 black parishioners.

Lindsey Graham wants us to see this as an attack on christianity; racist apologists will try to explain away the violence by focusing on mental illness.

But we know the focus needs to be on what and who inspired him to act. He was given the gun as a birthday present. So let’s talk about a culture that sees guns as gifts.

Who suspected and said nothing? So let’s focus on the silence that surrounds hate and violence.

The confederate flag flies as a  symbol of South Carolina. So let’s talk about the history of racism that continues to shape this country.

The gunman is reported to have said, “you rape our women, you’ve taken over our country, and it has to be stopped” before shooting 9 people. So let’s examine the history of the “you rape our women” trope that encouraged white men to  beat African-American men into submission during slavery.

This is the latest massacre by a white, right-wing domestic terrorist. So let’s face the fact that we are cultivating a particularly American kind of terrorist, one who strikes out at people of color. So let’s talk about the discourse of hate that permeates FOX news, the GOP and right-wing ideology.

Let’s face these problems head on before more people of color are murdered for being black.

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One Response to Mass Murder in Charleston

  1. Doc says:

    Tell it, Sister! Domestic terrorism.

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