Emerging from the Fog

I began having migraines in late December. I seem to have them about once a month, and when I do they’re debilitating. I usually awake with them as I did this past Tuesday, and they plague me for a day or two.

fogThis time the headache was strong enough that I had to go for the full dose of the recommended meds and pop more whenever I was able to do so. Perhaps because this was the first time I had to take the full dose since getting this medication, I had a reaction, so if my head wasn’t throbbing, I was itching like crazy.

The headache finally went away about mid-day yesterday as did the itching, and now I’m pretty wiped out from the ordeal. I can’t believe it’s Friday, and that I lost most of the week.

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One Response to Emerging from the Fog

  1. Hajara Pitan says:

    I am sorry about that. I suffer migraines too and know how debilitating they can be. And how sometimes, the fear that one may be coming can even be debilitating before the migraine itself comes. I pray for your healing and mine as well. That somehow it goes away…

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