A Decade with the Princess Pooch

Today is the Princess Pooch’s 10th birthday. She came to us as a 7 week old little bundle of fur on June 5th having been born week’s earlier when a good samaritan took in a stray who was pregnant.

She’s been with us every since, bringing us love and joy and laughter. She was an energetic pup and is still very active. She loves to chase the ball (or whatever else), swim, cuddle, bark at the neighbors, and chew nylabones.

poochHere she is on the day we brought her home and just a few days ago. She’s grey now and a little slower as she runs around the pool, but she’s healthy and full of love.

Happy Birthday Princess Pooch!

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2 Responses to A Decade with the Princess Pooch

  1. Doc says:

    What’s a nylabone?

  2. Katherine H says:

    They’re a brand of chew bones some edible and some non-edible. Bonnie loves them both, and the non-edible ones last a long time. She’s been gnawing on them since she was a pup.

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