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21st Century Carnival Barkers

I admit to being a news junkie, but I wish we could turn back the clock and opt not to have 24 hour news channels. In a desire to fill space and get ratings, they seek the sensational and hype … Continue reading

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A Decade with the Princess Pooch

Today is the Princess Pooch’s 10th birthday. She came to us as a 7 week old little bundle of fur on June 5th having been born week’s earlier when a good samaritan took in a stray who was pregnant. She’s been … Continue reading

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The Blob

According to two recent papers in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, the blob is causing mayhem on both our shores and in between. No, not THAT Blob. That Blob is a cult classic about a … Continue reading

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What People Don’t Understand About Drought Could Fill Lake Oroville

In an “it’s about damn time” announcement, Governor Brown FINALLY mandated water conservation measures in California. This is an historic event since it is the first time in the state’s history that a California governor has directed the State Water Resources … Continue reading

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UConn Knows Women’s Basketball

Congratulations to the UConn Women’s Basketball team who earned their 10th NCAA Championship last night in a 63-53 victory over Notre Dame in a rematch of last year’s title game. It was UConn’s third consecutive championship and further cemented the … Continue reading

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The US is Not and Never Has Been a Christian Nation

I am tired of all the whining about “religious freedom,” and am especially exasperated when it is followed by some version of “I’m a Christian, and I’m under attack because I’m not free to discriminate against non-Christians or gay people … Continue reading

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Pouring Music Down the Canyon

This title of this post comes from “Ladies Of The Canyon,” one of so many wonderful songs by Joni Mitchell who was hospitalized on Tuesday in Southern California after she was found unconscious at her home. Later in a post … Continue reading

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