Walkers, Wolves and Morgan

The season finale of best show on television is just two days away. In some ways I can’t wait to see it, but it also means no more new episodes until October, and that’ s a bummer.

I am thoroughly addicted to The Walking Dead, both the television show and the comic, but more so the TV show. While I don’t think the whole of Season 5 has been as good as other seasons, I remain a faithful viewer and reader of all things TWD. What I’ve liked most about the season in the second half is that for the first time, our group of survivors are the cause of the conflict. They’ve finally found a community that seems free of  secret horrors, but it’s not yet clear if they can overcome what they’ve experienced and the resulting PTSD to live there.

Here, then, I offer my predictions for the season finale:

twdThere will be a a meeting among the Alexandrians to discuss what they’re going to do with Rick, and Carol, Maggie and maybe Abraham and others from our group will defend Rick. Deanna and the other Alexandrians may be planning to get rid of Rick, but Rick won’t be exiled; in fact, he’ll kill some walkers, save some asses, and therefore prove to Deanna and the other Alexanderians that they need him. Who doesn’t need Rick Grimes?

No one in the Atlanta group–Daryl, Rick, Carol, Carl, Michonne, Judith, Glenn and Maggie–will die, and I think those newer to the group–Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, and Tara–will survive as well. Tara may remain in a coma throughout the episode. I hope Father Gabriel dies a painful, nasty death, but I don’t think he will.

Morgan will show up. He’ll either make his way to Alexandria, or Daryl and Aaron will find him and bring him to there. I don’t think we’ll hear much from him, but I do think he and Rick will see each other before the end of the episode. We’ll have to wait until the next season to learn whether Morgan is a good guy or bad guy.

Pete will be locked up in a house, as will Rick. While Rick is busy killing walkers and saving asses, Pete will escape and come after Rick. He may kill someone while trying to kill Rick, then either Rick or Michonne will kill him. I hope it’s Rick.

There will be some sort of a showdown between Glenn and Nicholas. Glenn might be injured, but he’ll also have an opportunity to off Nicholas and will decide not to because that’s who Glenn is.

Sasha will continue dealing with PTSD, and will kill more walkers while she hangs out in the clock tower.

The Wolves will threaten Alexandria. They will be a group of not so savory types who have been killing and dismembering walkers and humans, and carving a W into the foreheads of those they kill. They may be a threat to Daryl and Aaron, and the episode will likely end with that threat unresolved because leaving Daryl’s fate an unknown will drive fans like me nuts!

Some but not all of these predictions are based on the comics; others are the result of careful viewing.

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2 Responses to Walkers, Wolves and Morgan

  1. Doc says:

    These proved to be pretty accurate predictions. You didn’t cheat did you?
    And even though TWD’s season is over, Game of Thrones begins on April 12! What happens to Tyrion? Will Cersei be able to rule as Tommen’s regent? Will Baelish corrupt Sansa? Will the Red Woman corrupt Jon? And most important does Arya become even more badass?

  2. Katherine H says:

    I didn’t cheat, but I did rely on the comics for many of these predictions. And I got some important details wrong. For example, while we know more about the Wolves, we also know Daryl is safe (for now) and Tara regained consciousness. And it seems Morgan and Rick have changed places: Morgan is now the sane one!!

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