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Walkers, Wolves and Morgan

The season finale of best show on television is just two days away. In some ways I can’t wait to see it, but it also means no more new episodes until October, and that’ s a bummer. I am thoroughly … Continue reading

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Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Ginger

In one of my favorite Far Side cartoons, Gary Larson tells us our dog’s vocabulary is rather limited; in fact, they really only know or hear their names. While this cartoon always makes me laugh, I’ve long doubted it’s an … Continue reading

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Hey Mulder, It’s Me

In the greatest news of the year, FOX announced today that The X-Files will soon return with 6 new episodes! Indeed Mulder and Scully will once again explore unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Wonderfully the whole gang is back, including … Continue reading

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Arizona Raises the Bar on Legislative Lunacy

Given that the Grand Canyon state has long embraced the lunatic fringe, its reputation as a place where the crazier you are the more likely you are to be elected to office is well earned. Those of us who try … Continue reading

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Braveheart meets The Holy Grail

How about something a little more lighthearted for a change? A fake trailer from an obvious genius.

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Cape Cod’s Glaciers

From the Washington Post, March 10, 2015: ” A brutal winter’s worth of snow and ice is washing up on the beaches of Cape Cod in the form of enormous, iceberg-like boulders. The giant, human-sized boulders of ice ran aground … Continue reading

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