Total Turn Off

midterm-electionsNo wonder even this political junkie is purging her in box and screaming at the political ads when watching live TV.

By some estimates, $4 billion will have been spent on the mid-term elections by Nov 4th.

Thanks SCOTUS.

Citizen’s United has made it possible for candidates and their increasingly well-financed allies to flood our in boxes and airwaves with inaccurate ads accusing their opponents of everything from dishonoring veterans to stealing money from tax payers. 98% of such accusations are untrue and represent the worst money can buy.

Seems the only thing there’s bipartisan agreement on is funding despicable campaign ads.

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One Response to Total Turn Off

  1. Doc says:

    It’s so bad that even our state paper–rock-ribbed conservative as it is–printed an entire column of letters from disgruntled progressives bemoaning the sale of the democratic process to the highest bidder. One can only hope that Citizens United will turn around and bite the Thugs in the butt when the very rich decide that they can do without elections altogether and just run the country as an oligarchy.

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