Office Takeover

Rusty showed up some 8 or 9 years ago, Mr. Desert fed her and she’s been with us since. She was declawed and well fed, so we put flyers up around the neighborhood when she first arrived, but she didn’t have a microchip and no one claimed her. So, she joined our family. We tried to bring her indoors, but she made it very clear she wanted none of that by peeing next to me in bed!

Now our previously outdoor cat has taken up full-time residence in my home office. We’ve been bringing her in each summer during the extreme heat, and each year she has thanked us with vociferous complaints. This year, however, she settled in without much meowing. I thought it might be because she was older and so more mellow, but I now believe she was relieved to be inside.

Rusty looking down from her perch and enjoying her new abode. July 2014

Rusty looking down from her perch and enjoying her new abode. July 2014

And inside she shall remain because, as I discovered recently, Rusty is now deaf. I don’t know when it happened or if she’d been gradually losing her hearing for sometime, but several times over the last few months I’ve noticed she doesn’t respond when when we enter the room unless she’s awake and looking our way.

A couple of weeks ago there were three of us standing outside the door talking and she didn’t move or look up. But when I went over and petted her, she was clearly startled. So later I went in while she was sleeping in my office chair and clapped my hands above her: no response. I clapped several times, getting closer and closer to her each time. She didn’t move until I touched her, and then she was startled.

Indoor life seems to suit her now. She’s quite seems content as queen of her realm; we’re keeping the other cats away from her since she hasn’t met them before and because we’re concerned they’ll take advantage of her inability to hear. She seems fine otherwise, but we’ll take her to our vet soon just to be sure.

So now I have a constant companion when I grade papers or do other work in my office. It’s like take your cat to work day, but instead my cat thinks I am disturbing her!

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2 Responses to Office Takeover

  1. Doc says:

    Thanks for the new pic of Rusty. I found this post on your FB page, and now I see that you have written several new posts. Reminds me to check here often!

  2. Katherine H says:

    I seem to blog in spurts but plan to write more often.

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