Extraordinarily Sexist Putrid Neanderthals

I’ve never been a Steven A Smith fan. He talks too much and says nothing in the process. I usually tune out or turn off his idiotic rambling, but yesterday I was outraged when he mansplained Ray Rice’s behavior noting that women who don’t want to be beaten by men need to be sure not to provoke them. I was so angry, I posted the following comment on ESPN’s First Take Facebook page (I’ve block names throughout):

espn1Now, I  fully anticipated that others would disagree with me arguing that all Smith needed to do was apologize or that he didn’t mean to say women caused men to beat them; what I didn’t expect, however, was that those disagreements would be based on the belief that Smith was right–that women indeed do need to make sure they don’t do something that causes men to assault them. But that’s what I got; here are two examples:


I was genuinely surprised by these responses. I thought, perhaps, I wasn’t being clear, so I tried an analogy:


And here are a couple more responses

Firefox 3

I then received a few messages from friends who had written comments but found they were not showing on the page. So I tried to post again and although I received a notice that my comment had been posted, it wasn’t showing up on the page. I think the page moderator or whatever he is called was taking down posts because no additional comments appeared; perhaps Smith’s comments had become a nightmare for them? <snark>

I’m not going to talk about why Smith and the men cited here are part of the problem. I’m certain my readers fully understand that. But what about ESPN? I’ve yet to hear any official response to Smith’s comments from ESPN. Perhaps they are hoping it will all just fade away. Fat chance with followers such as those whose comments are posted here and commentators such as Smith and Bayless and others that make ESPN the nest work of Extraordinarily Sexist Putrid Neanderthals.

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2 Responses to Extraordinarily Sexist Putrid Neanderthals

  1. Doc says:

    Feminist and pro-woman sites (like Pharyngula) have been saying that this sort of sexism is pretty much SOP for the internet. I’m sorry it washed over you–did you take a shower?

  2. Katherine H says:

    Showered several times. I’ve run into this sexism several times since, so I guess it is internet SOP. How sad that the internet version of gender equality warrants men and women beating one another.

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