Just a few items that cause me to scream into the wind:

  1. Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Claiborne Richardson sought a warrant so the Manassas City Police could “force a 17-year-old boy to be photographed with an erect penis — including the authority to force an erection with the administration of drugs if the boy did not ‘cooperate.’ WTF? According to Jonathan stressed-out-10604973Turley, this craziness began when  Richardson charged the teen with manufacturing and distributing child pornography. His girlfriend sent him pictures earlier but she is not being charged. After being inundated with angry complaints from around the world, the Manassas City Police refused to execute the warrant. However  the teem had already been forced to be photographed in the nude including his genitals. In addition, Richardson demanded that he either plead guilty or go through the added trauma of being forced to have an erection and then photographed. The kid is scheduled to appear in court on July 15th.
  2. Republicans in congress are arguing for military intervention in Syria, Crimera, Iraq, Africa, etc. yet won’t fund any domestic spending. Somehow they can fund wars but  can’t fix the country’s bridges, feed its people, address climate change, etc
  3. While Republicans in congress bang the drums for more wars, those in the House refuse to vote on the McCain/Sanders bill designed to help address veterans’ healthcare issues by constructing  26 new Department of Veterans Affairs  clinics in 18 states, as well as hiring additional VA medical personnel.  It’s been more than a month since this bill passed the Senate in a 93-3 vote. Sanders discuss the bill as a step toward mitigating some of the damage uncovered by multiple reports of VA malfeasance regarding handling of patients’ wait times. The bill also allowed veterans currently living more than 40 miles away from a VA facility to see a private medical professional. So it seems to House GOP support our troops in terms of sending them to war, but caring for them isn’t something they support at all.
  4.  The results of a national survey commissioned by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and the Senate Subcommittee on Financial and Contracting Oversight, nearly half the country’s four-year colleges haven’t conducted a single sexual assault investigation in the past five years. Not one!
  5. Public schools in AZ have to sue the state for funding. But building a fence along the border, discriminating against anyone not white or straight and outsourcing prisons are top priorities.
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2 Responses to WTF?

  1. Shavawn M. Berry says:


  2. Doc says:

    Me too, on all of the above. Will the USA descend into barbarism before the world ends in 2100? Having written that, I realize that in some respects it already has–see McAllen, Texas, a cow pasture in Nevada, and so on.

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