No Good Deed

This past Thursday I left home around 9:00 am to go to a gathering in support of one of my department colleagues. As I began to make my way out of our development, a dog shot out in front of my car. In what was an instinctive response, I made a sudden turn away from the dog so as not to hit it. That was all I was thinking: don’t hit the dog.

No-GoodI succeeded in missing the dog; instead, however, I hit the curb of the sidewalk with my tires fully turned, my vehicle them jumped that curb and smashed into my neighbor’s brick wall fence.

I know I hit my head on the steering wheel, and perhaps the accounted for the confusion; I couldn’t figure out what to do and had what seemed like a 20 minute conversation with myself about whether this warranted a call to 911, and if not did I know the number for the local police. Then I realized I didn’t actually know where my phone was, and since the car wouldn’t turn on, I could use it to call. I must have found my phone because I called Mr. Desert. I just around the corner from our house.

I don’t fully recall what transpired after that. The police and EMTs showed up. They had to do something to the driver’s side door to get me out. While the EMTs took my vitals I apparently told one of the officers what happened, showed him my license and registration and insurance info, then signed a statement. I recall none of that.

Then Mr. Desert took me to the ER at the hospital down the street. They insisted on a cervical collar which was really uncomfortable and pressed on my collarbone that hurt so much I was sure it was broken. Since I’d had cervical spine fusion at two levels, my neck was their primary concern. After various tests it was all good news: nothing was broken and no major concussion. I was sore and bruises were developing along the areas where the seat belt had been, but if that was the worst of it I felt pretty darn lucky.

I was pretty sore and not thinking very clearly for a few days, but the level or soreness has decreased while my ability to concentrate has increased. So I’m on the mend.

Still waiting to hear about my car’s prognosis. The holiday weekend put everything on hold until today; we should have news late this afternoon about the extent of the damage and what’s needed to get it as good as new. I am awaiting the car rental folks as I write this.

Our neighbors know the dog I described; seems s/he roams around the area quite a bit. Of course, no one has seen it since I crashed to save its life. I just hope its people keep it from roaming free so it doesn’t get it or some other driver ends up in an even worse accident trying to avoid it.

In the meantime, we’ll be out the cost of our deductible and dealing with phone calls and paperwork for the next few days. I’ve been driving since my 16th birthday, and this is my first accident so I count myself lucky. I just hope my insurance premium doesn’t increase.

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