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When Will the World Get the Message?

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Drying Up and Dying Off

Anyone paying the least bit attention knows the west is drying up faster than a prune in a dehydrator. We’re in the midst of an extended major drought, we’re depleting huge amounts of groundwater to try to make up for … Continue reading

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Extraordinarily Sexist Putrid Neanderthals

I’ve never been a Steven A Smith fan. He talks too much and says nothing in the process. I usually tune out or turn off his idiotic rambling, but yesterday I was outraged when he mansplained Ray Rice’s behavior noting … Continue reading

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Armed and Ready for a Fight

While the facts on the ground are still unfolding, it is all-too-easy to get caught up in coverage of the Malaysian Airlines plane carrying 295 people that was blown apart in the skies above Ukraine. It’s a horrific event; lives … Continue reading

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No Illeagles Here!

First, if you’re going to spray paint something you want others to see, you should probably make sure you spell it right. This building is a federal facility that officials were considering using as a shelter for the undocumented children … Continue reading

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Just a few items that cause me to scream into the wind: Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Claiborne Richardson sought a warrant so the Manassas City Police could “force a 17-year-old boy to be photographed with an erect penis — including the … Continue reading

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Hot Child in the City

Alert climate change deniers: the Arizona Repulsive reports today that for no reason what-so-ever by 2100 the “new normal for Phoenix summertime temperatures” will be an average of  114.08°. The article cites a July 9, 2014 report from Climate Central … Continue reading

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