No Popcorn for You!

Sometime in the early 1990’s I bought a GoldStar countertop microwave at my local Nobody Beats the Wiz. It wasn’t a fancy one with a bunch of options; it was mid-sized, had about 1000 watts, and a popcorn and defrost setting.

It made the move with me from New England and spent many productive years in the desert. Three years ago it stopped working. It worked to reheat my morning coffee, but when Mr. Desert hit the defrost button that afternoon nothing happened–not a beep, nothing. It had served me well for close to 17 years!

Seinfeld, Soup Nazi

Seinfeld, Soup Nazi

As is my habit when I need to buy something, I went online and read a bunch of reviews and discussions, then turned to Amazon. Since I have Prime and, at the time, had no time to go to a store, I selected what I thought was a good option: a Panasonic Genius.

Now, three years later, that microwave is dead. And, of course, having a repair person come out to look at it costs more than half of what we’d pay for a new one. (This has caused me to think a lot about planned obsolescence, but that’s for another post.)

So, after two days with no microwave popcorn we headed out yesterday and bought a new microwave. To ensure this one would last at least for years, we bought one of those extended warranties. I usually don’t go for those things, but for an additional $40 bucks I know I’ll have popcorn whenever I want it for the next four years.

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