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Got Gas?

Although they’re gone now, we were surrounded by dairy farms for some 12 or so years. On several occasions as we drove past one of the larger dairy farms, the odor made me physically ill. So I have some experience … Continue reading

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Turning Water into Wine

Late last night I finished reading Timothy Egan’s The Winemaker’s Daughter. This debut novel tells the story of Brunella Cartolano, an architect who works to save the family vineyards in the arid wine country east of Washington’s Cascade Mountains. The … Continue reading

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Born Again

In what must be the dumbest thing done by an American college students this week, one got stuck what NBC news calls a “giant” vagina sculpture located outside the microbiology and virology department at Tuebingen University in southwest Germany. Tuebingen … Continue reading

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Pigs Flying

There is no better example of the expression that politics can make for strange bedfellows than the MississippiĀ Republican Senate primary runoff. Longtime Senator Thad Cochran is in a tough battle against Tea Party candidate State Senator Chris McDaniel. The vote … Continue reading

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No Popcorn for You!

Sometime in the early 1990’s I bought a GoldStar countertop microwave at my local Nobody Beats the Wiz. It wasn’t a fancy one with a bunch of options; it was mid-sized, had about 1000 watts, and a popcorn and defrost … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Summer

Ok. I have been a lousy blogger. I was overwhelmed with work and grade grubbing students near the end of the semester; then I had a conference presentation to prep for, the conference itself, and so on. Rather than a … Continue reading

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