Russell Crowe and Jimmy Fallon

I’ve once again become a fan of the Tonight Show now that Jimmy Fallon that taken over the chair. I, of course, can’t stay up late enough to watch so I record each episode.

This morning I checked out last night’s episode because I knew Russell Crowe was on to promote Noah. What I didn’t know is that Fallon would tap into Crowe’s rock n’ roll past. Great photos of Crowe and some of his bands in the 80s.

Then, just to ensure my love for him would continue, Fallon asked Crowe to do a musical bit. If you’re a fan of Russell Crow and a fan of Johnny Cash, you’ll love it as much as I do

And isn’t Fallon great on the harmonica?

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One Response to Russell Crowe and Jimmy Fallon

  1. Doc says:

    Thanks for the vid–I’d have missed this otherwise.

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