Somebody Call Dorothy

As I noted in yesterday’s post about the weather in California, there were tornado warnings for part of northern California. Here is a photo from the Woodland Daily Democrat of one of those tornadoes (none touched down as far as I know).
20140301_060252_tornado from vid 2xc
This photo was taken in Woodland, just south of Sacramento and north of Yuba City.

I just read in the Arizona Republic that a tornado was spotted in Mesa during yesterday’s storm as well.

Tornadoes are not common in northern California or the greater Phoenix metropolitan area area.

But, climate change is a myth, right?

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5 Responses to Somebody Call Dorothy

  1. Actually, California gets a few tornados every year.

    • Katherine H says:

      Thanks for the link. Interesting information.

      However, I lived in northern California for the first 26 or 27 years of my life, and we never had a tornado, a tornado watch, or a tornado warning. I checked out the link you provided, and it lists 3 tornadoes in the county I grew up in over a 62 year period, from 1950-2012. If you are a Californian, you know counties are huge, so my observation that tornadoes are “not common” holds.

      • Hmm, I’ll disagree. I’ve seen two tornados while living here, and saw the after effects of a third (it was actually an anti-cyclone).

        The point is, Central Valley gets 3-5 tornados a year, fairly regularly. The coasts get more due to the proximity to water, coastal mountains, creating prime conditions for updrafts.

        I did note that “my” tornados weren’t on the link, which means that it is underreporting the numbers. The anticyclone also wasn’t on the link. That tornado ripped the roofs off of several homes.

  2. Katherine H says:

    I think our disagreement has to do with location and frequency i.e., what commonly occurs. My point isn’t that tornadoes don’t occur in California; as the site you link to details, some California counties have had a number of tornadoes over the 62 yr period covered. My point is that in my experience while living in CA for 26 or 27 years tornadoes where I lived were not common, and in fact, I didn’t see one nor did one occur during my years there. I lived in the north valley and not on the coast or near the central valley. So, as I said, the site lists one tornado over a 62 year period ending in 2012; If something happened once in a 62 year period it not a common occurrence. If it happened 50 times in 62 years, then yes, it would be a common thing. I lived there 26 or 27 years during that 62 yr period, so that 1 tornado may have occurred before I was born or after I left, but it did not occur while I lived there. Hence my use of “not common.”

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