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Russell Crowe and Jimmy Fallon

I’ve once again become a fan of the Tonight Show now that Jimmy Fallon that taken over the chair. I, of course, can’t stay up late enough to watch so I record each episode. This morning I checked out last … Continue reading

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Grumpy Grader

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Ahh Choo!

It started with a bit of a sore, raspy throat. Irritating, but not debilitating. Lozenges helped me make it through the 14 something student conferences I had scheduled. Wednesday was much the same. By Thursday I was sicker than the … Continue reading

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Just Sayin’

Medical experts have identified a highly contagious form of Ebola that’s killed 59 people in the West African nation of Guinea; the Guardian reports carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit a new high this month; California begins mapping areas … Continue reading

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No Penis Left Behind

So let me see if I understand this: Paying for women’s reproductive health is a drain on the economy and widens the road to rampant sex and untold numbers of abortions. Monies for men’s reproductive health care lift the economy … Continue reading

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Bionic Animals

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.” –opening of the Six Million Dollar Man,¬† 1974-9178, ABC television Today many of us sport what were once the stuff of cyborgs. Prosthetics, derived from the Greek word pr√≥sthesis, meaning addition … Continue reading

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Somebody Call Dorothy

As I noted in yesterday’s post about the weather in California, there were tornado warnings for part of northern California. Here is a photo from the Woodland Daily Democrat of one of those tornadoes (none touched down as far as … Continue reading

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