Gov. Brewer says she’s “pro-business” and “focused on Arizona’s economy” but waits to veto or sign the hate law otherwise known as SB 1062 so she can bask in all the attention she’s getting.

Meanwhile, major corporations, the NFL Superbowl Committee, and outraged citizens are calling to ask her to veto the bill or hurt the AZ economy. While she’s been reveling in the glow of the cameras, The Hispanic National Bar Association has pulled its 2015 Annual Convention from Phoenix in Response to Arizona’s SB 1062.

Veto the bill Governor Brewer before the state loses more tourism dollars and looks more and more like Mississippi in the 1950s but with better roads.

Update: When I got home this evening, Mr. Desert was watching local news; they were covering the Gov’s announcement that she had just vetoed the bill. I suppose the HNBA’s decision and the very recent news that the super bowl committee was considering alternative venues forced her hand. She could have made this decision days ago but chose the lime light over the state’s needs.

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