A Doctor a Day

6792728-male-doctor-holding-a-clipboard-and-holleringGot a call from the office of the GI doc my surgeon recommended, and I made an appointment for December 12th. They had earlier appointments available, but all on days or at times when I wasn’t available.

I’m interested to find out what s/he has to say about the other tests I’ve had, the films that have been taken, and the conflicting information I’ve received.

Best case scenario is that I have nothing GI wise to worry about or whatever I do have is easy to deal with.

I’m ready to get off this medical journey and back to everyday concerns like do the cats have food, can I grade all these papers in a week, how many meeting do I have today. Those are concerns I know how to deal with; this other shit just needs to go.

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3 Responses to A Doctor a Day

  1. professor VJDuke says:

    The professor couldn’t agree more and he tries to steer clear of alarmists. In your words who needs it……

  2. Doc says:

    SO you have to wait two more weeks to determine whether you can eat what you like during the holidays. I see.

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