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A Doctor a Day

Got a call from the office of the GI doc my surgeon recommended, and I made an appointment for December 12th. They had earlier appointments available, but all on days or at times when I wasn’t available. I’m interested to … Continue reading

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Monster Mash

As some of you may know, I’ve had a bit of a medical journey these past two weeks; I finally got word late yesterday that the tumor I had removed was not cancerous. Woo hoo! Today I had my post-op … Continue reading

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PCP Visit

Saw my PCP this morning. Since the hospital had not yet sent all the paperwork, I didn’t learn much other than that my PCP thinks I’m getting around pretty well a week after surgery. She believes my surgeon had a … Continue reading

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Desert’s Diverticulitis and Then Some

It began Wednesday as intermittent sharp pain in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen. I’d been having what I’d taken to calling gut issues for a while, and in July I was diagnosed with gastroparesis–a condition in which the … Continue reading

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Daily Activities

Those of us who live with cats have seen and heard the results of their desire to clear a desk, a table, a counter. . . . So this is all too familiar

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It’s God’s Thang

A recent piece from Gawker brought news that the Christian Science Society of Dixon, Illinois, had constructed a church that “looks from a certain angle like a giant phallus, complete with balls and bushy pubes.” No one seems to know … Continue reading

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