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Is There A Movie Out There?

I find it hard to believe the X-Files premiered twenty years ago. Where do the years go? I loved and continue to love this show. I watch re-runs whenever I come across one, and I pull out one of my … Continue reading

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The Big D

Allie at Hyperoble and a Half  stopped posting for about 18 months, from October 2011 until May 2013. When she returned she posted the most accurate description of depression I have ever read. If you know someone who suffers from … Continue reading

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Where’s Jimmy Buffett When I Need Him?

Had to leave campus much earlier than usual today because I needed to be home for a service call–our DirecTv has been out since Sunday. I was driving down from the fourth floor, and when I turned onto the second … Continue reading

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David Sirota has an interesting piece in Salon today titled “Right-wing coup: Deluded secessionists have already won” in which he argues that through their use of redistricting, the gerrymander, the U.S. Senate filibuster and the creation of the so-called Hastert … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about “home” lately. Home in the sense of where I grew up and where my family lived for the last 100 or so years, dating back to when my paternal grandmother and the grandfather I never met … Continue reading

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Visualizing the Shut Down

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