Oh, the Outrage!

Obamacare, a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act, is so awful, so expensive, and so draconian that a member of my family with a pre-existing condition is going to pay close to $300 LESS a month for his/her healthcare with no changes in benefits. How awful! Meanwhile, my husband and I are able to keep our employer provided healthcare at NO EXTRA cost and have now our annual wellness care covered at NO COST to us.

I also heard yesterday from a friend who is pregnant and due any day now that she was devastated to learn that the cost of her breast pump–$300–was WAIVED due to Obamacare. What an AN OUTRAGE!

And today I received an email from HR informing me I now have more choices about my healthcare! MORE healthcare options? What’s happening to my country?

Stop this failure before it begins, ya right.



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