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Not So Friendly Skies

I’m old enough to remember when flying was a luxury. People dressed up, were kind to one another, and didn’t bring a bunch of crap on the plane. The airline served a drink and peanuts, or almonds for those with … Continue reading

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One Crazy Mo’Fo’

Media Matters reports that on his radio show this past Tuesday, Alex Jones suggested the government might be responsible for the tornado that mowed down Moore, Oklahoma. Jones said, “Who knows if they did. You know, that’s the thing, we don’t … Continue reading

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Missing My Mom

This is the second Mother’s day since my Mom’s death, and it’s not much better than was the first. I so miss her and feel that loss in every bone in my body even if when I’m trying not to … Continue reading

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Best Description of Depression

It’s been months since Hyperoble and a Half posted anything, and I began to wonder if Allie had abandoned the blog. Then wham! Depression Part Two is the best description of what depression is like I’ve ever read. It is … Continue reading

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