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Mom Dancing Evolution

Ya wanna know why we all love First Lady Michelle Obama? Because she’s an incredibly intelligent, compassionate, hip woman who knows when to be serious and when to have fun and not take herself too seriously. Last night she appeared … Continue reading

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One Damn Fine Night

We saw Bonnie Raitt live Sunday at the Ikeda Theatre, Mesa Arts Center of the Arts, and it was a fantastic show. I haven’t had a free moment to write about it, but it was one of the finest performances … Continue reading

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Cat Walkin’

I Can Haz Cheeseburgers posted this fantastic photo today: As this 15th Century manuscript discovered by Emir O. Filipovic of the University of Sarajevo’s History Department shows, writers have long been annoyed by kittehs demanding attention. Also evident is that … Continue reading

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Marco Polo

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Maybe Decay is OK?

Went to the dentist today to have the very last tooth on the top left side of my mouth prepped for a crown. Seems the 35-year old filling had taken a beating and some decay had developed around it. In … Continue reading

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If Alicia Florrick Can Say It, So Can I

As I’ve written before, I’m an atheist. I was raised Catholic, but the day my father died, I stopped believing in god. I had just turned 8 the month before, so some might argue I was too young to make … Continue reading

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