Kittehs: Now and Then

As I watch the new kittehs grow, I am reminded of another pair who entered  our home as little bundles of fur and who have grown into handsome boys.

We adopted Boomer and Scooter from the Humane Society in June 2002. They weren’t litter mates, but they were housed in the same crate and seemed to get along well. Boomer was 2 weeks older than Scooter.

My how things have changed. Look at the big boy then:

Scooter Pie, June 2002

and now:

Scooter Pie, 2012

And Boomer then

Boomer, 2002

and now

Boomer, 2012
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3 Responses to Kittehs: Now and Then

  1. Doc says:

    Boomer looking dignified. Now there’s a concept. The Desert household features some truly handsome kittehs.

  2. littleburst says:

    Scooter was working on his poses even then.

  3. desertdem says:

    Scooter Pie has been posing for the camera since the day we brought him home. Boomer is just coming to realize he can look dignified; he used to let Scooter Pie have all the dignity. The litteh kittens have yet to find their dignity.

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