Sheriff Asshat

Just when I thought the pending federal indictments might slow the worst Sheriff in the world down, he’s in front of the mike again, spewing his “Obama isn’t a citizen” racist bullshit.

The date of this latest embarrassment for the state is not a coincidence: it came two days before Arpaio was scheduled to face a federal court trial alleging he racially profiled Latinos during traffic stops.

So at a press conference on July 17th, Arpaio’s volunteer “Cold Case Posse” investigators claimed President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was “probably” fraudulent. Arpaio stepped up to the mike and suggested Congress take over his “posse’s” so-called investigation and ultimate claim that Hawaii’s “lax” issuance of birth certificates might impede national security.

All this racist bullshit comes as Arpaio faces increasing political and legal problems, include a DOJ civil rights lawsuit alleging racial profiling of Latinos, allegations  Arpaio illegally retaliated against political foes with bogus indictments and investigations, and complaints that Arpaio’s racist bullying has cost the county million in court costs and settlements.

And let’s not forget that Arpaio was Mitt Romney’s honorary campaign chair in Arizona in 2008,  and that Romney calls the Arizona anti-immigrant laws (SB1070) a model for dealing with illegal immigration.

Most Arizonans have tired of everything Arpaio related. I just hope they express that fatigue at the ballot box in November.

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One Response to Sheriff Asshat

  1. Doc says:

    Do you think Arpaio is well enough linked into the national Republican party to have been asked to participate in the racist pushback now going on?

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